Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Deaf World [ See new blog @ http:/grandpanatevati.blogspot.com/ ]

I speak to a deaf world. And I know not how to gain her ear. America is degenerating at a rapid pace. We are now over $9,210,000.000,000 in debt. That is over $30,275 for every man, woman and child in this country. It would take us over thirty years to pay off this debt, if we installed sane representatives in Washington, and adhered to a balanced budget. Our schools now rank 28th [28th, that's pathetic.]in the World. We are in a war that we can’t win, in the foreseeable future, and can’t get out of. Our Government is broken. We are no longer functioning as a Democracy. We are operating as a Bureaucracy. The Party Lords tell our Congressmen and Senators how to vote. And Big Business, mostly International Conglomerates, give the Party Lords, which they buy with their Pac-money, their orders.

That should be enough said: Because I don’t really believe that there is anyone in America, who is old enough to vote, that don’t know this country is in trouble.

Every day the Republican and Democratic Party Lords work at enacting bills, which cedes one international conglomerate after another some financial quid pro quo, for pac-money received. And nearly all concessions to Big Business prove to be detrimental to America's working people. Under the present system America will eventually have hungry masses without health care, millionaires, and no middle class. America, as we know her, is at this moment rapidly degenerating.

Changing out Republican for a Democratic, or Democratic for a Republican, or just replacing a Republican or Democratic with what is deemed a better member of their own party, will not help the situation. The new comer will quickly learn how the ball bounces in Washington, and vote the Party Line, as the Party Lords dictate, and business will continue as usual. And that is not Democracy, but Bureaucracy.

But all is not lost: America can still be saved. There is enough energy being wasted fighting for the various causes against our unresponsive government, to fix America twice. This is still America, and we can still vote. So let’s act like a Democracy, band together, vati, [Vote Against The Incumbents.] and send enough Congressmen and Senators home, to get the attention of those who are left.

Our representatives usually win their office by vary small margins, less than 5%. So, if just 10% of us would vati, we would get between 20 and 25% of the House and Senate. If 20% of us vati, we would sent 75% of both Houses home. And you can bet; you’d have your Representative’s ear.

It really doesn’t matter whether you want to save the spotted owl, secure our borders, protect the giant redwoods, or the North Slope, save some swamp, or clean up a river, or outlaw pac-money, it is going to cost Big Business money. And you won’t get it done until we take back the reins of government. And none of you have the power to do that alone. So the answer is simple; whatever your cause, fail, or band together and help clean up Washington. Save America, and then you will have an accommodating representative to help promote your cause. Time is essential, so start contacting other groups and get the ball rolling. You can do it, and it will work.
Good Luck, GrandpaNate

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